---F A Q 


Is Harvest for Christ Church accepting of people of different races?  

Yes. Harvest for Christ Church is made up of people who simply love people! You are always welcome here. 

Is Harvest for Christ Church a friendly church? 

Yes. You will find the atmosphere to be very inviting and you will also be able to invite your friends without the fear of them having a bad experience. 

What if I don’t have “Sunday” clothes? Can I dress nicely but casual? 

Yes. Of course, we believe we should honor God with appropriate clothing, yet at the same time, a large number of our people dress casually and nice. We do not believe casual clothing means casual faith. We take our faith seriously. 

If I need to talk with a pastor for counseling or help does your church provide this? 

Yes. We have trained, called, and qualified members who are available for you. Simply call the church office to schedule an appointment. 

Do you have a class that helps one get started in their Christian life? 

Yes. We provide a foundational, informative class called, “Discipleship 101”. It covers many topics that will be helpful to your growth. 

If I would like a place to serve in the church, how would I go about that? 

We provide one on one interviews for those desiring to serve, simply by calling the church office and making an appointment. In some areas, a background check may be required. Spiritual gift testing is also available to help you discover the place where you may serve best. We want all of our people to use their gifts for God’s glory and the advancement of the Gospel.