---Our History 

Harvest for Christ Church was birthed on a bright and beautiful Easter Sunday in April 2004. Our first service was held at Hunter Park Recreational center, in Douglasville, Georgia. The church’s stay at Hunter Park, would prove to be some of the humblest times in the life of this church. There were not many people attending the services. The church began with only one member, the Pastor’s wife…whom we affectionately call…. “First”. Some family and friends came the first thirty days of the church’s inception. But that soon took a turn as many of them where members of other church’s and wanted to offer support and encouragement during our being stages. That encouragement was greatly welcomed.
Upon a single prayer to God, Pastor prayed for a more suitable location for our services to be held within ninety days. Of course God responded with these words “My anointing is upon you and not the building!” There were times when Pastor could be seen preaching and teaching to a room full of chairs. But those times proved that God indeed had chosen the right person for this ministry assignment.  Not willing to quit, but to persevere, Pastor and First continued to do what God had directed and over the next three months, God would add four additional members to our church.  At the close of the third month, Pastor’s prayers were answered, as God indeed provided a more suitable location at 8312 Dallas Hwy.
This facility was a more traditional looking building (steeple and cross atop) to hold our services in. During our tenure here, several more members were added and ministries were formed. The vision was beginning to take shape! We had two wonderful years of progress at this location, as the need to move into a more permanent location arose, “a place to call home”. We were again tested in regards to our faith, as we were told that the church building was going to be sold and we would need to find another place to have service. After several months of looking, God moved on our behalf with a building owner who previously rebuffed our attempts to acquire his building some six months earlier, God prompted the businessman to grant us our present location.  We have continued whole heartedly to worship God and serve Him in excellence as we are delighted to have Him work for us, in us and through us to bring about His Kingdom agenda. As they say “the rest is history!”
Harvest for Christ Church is a Bible-based, evangelistic, Spirit-empowered church in Douglasville, Georgia, led by Pastor Carlos R. Miller. Emphasis is placed on preaching and teaching the infallible Word of God. Our services are truth filled, there is no sugar coating or watering down God’s Word
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